Agreement Assurance Luxembourg

The ACA represents insurance and reinsurance employers based in Luxembourg. As such, it negotiates the collective agreement with the social partners. Finally, the Luxembourg life insurance contract offers the customer a personalized solution, transparency in terms of contractual costs, wealth security and adaptability of the contract in case of departure. A bespoke contract! 10 insurance companies established in Luxembourg, under the banishment of the ACA, their professional association, represented Luxembourg`s life insurance expertise at the largest exhibition dedicated to the ecosystem of wealth management in France. Luxembourg regulations require that the assets of the insurance company (and its shareholders and creditors) be separated from those of the policyholders. The insurer is legally obliged to transfer the policyholder`s assets to a deposit-taking bank approved by the Luxembourg regulatory authority with which a tripartite agreement has been concluded. This protection is called the security triangle. Publication of circular letter 20/16 of the Office of the Insurance Commissioner amending circular letter 16/10 on the technical interest rates applicable to reinsurance companies… For a stay in a country bound by a bilateral agreement with Luxembourg, the insured is required to provide the social security institution of his place of residence with a special form indicating that the holder is entitled to benefits in kind during his stay. This institution covers health care at the same rates and rates, under the same conditions as it normally applies. In addition, Luxembourg law requires the insurance company to manage separately and separately from its own assets the assets that constitute its insurance liabilities. These representative assets must be deposited with a custodian bank. A deposit agreement binds the insurance company and the bank and must be approved by the Office of the Insurance Commissioner (CAA) before depositing representative assets.

Insurance creditors (insurance takers and/or beneficiaries) therefore have the status of preferred creditors in relation to the separate assets corresponding to their contracts. The Luxembourg life insurance or capitalisation contract is a bespoke contract that allows the policyholder to access different underlying investment funds within the same contract, in accordance with his personal profile and objectives. The certificate of affiliation to persons on a minimum wage or to people living on a pension can be requested using the “Coassurance and Signage Service” using the email address below. Information Note 20/12 on the concept of administrative staff within the meaning of Article 280, paragraph 1, paragraph 3, of the amended insurance industry law of 7 December 2015, in the context of an insurance company or an insurance agency Discover ACA Insurance Day, the annual meeting of the insurance world in Luxembourg. A afternoon of conferences to discover what makes the news of Luxembourg insurance, locally and abroad, and listen to renowned personalities deliver their point of view.