Caravan Park Lease Agreement

Contact us for a consultation. You are responsible for keeping your caravan and place clean and suitable. In addition, you cannot install installations or structures (for example. B an appendix) without the written consent of the owner/manager of the car park. The owners of the caravan park charge for the rental. The owner of a caravan receives a rental fee. Sometimes the park owner and the caravan owner are the same person, so the rental and rental fees are combined. Caravan park owners may charge you a reasonable fee for a key or device that allows your car and caravan to access your location. Before changing the parking rules, the operator must consult with the park residents` committee (if applicable) and consider their views.

Parking rules may be changed after the park operator has notified all residents in writing for 14 days. Committee members must be elected by residents of at least five different locations in the park. Any resident may be a member of the committee unless employed by the park operator to assist in the management of the park. Before signing a site agreement, the site owner must provide you with certain information and documents required by law. For more information, see our checklist: Signing a Location Agreement. After they have served you with a notice of omission, the park owner/manager may urgently apply to the court for an application for eviction of positions. If you receive a departure message, you should contact us as soon as possible. At the end of a fixed-term rental contract in a long-term rental contract, the tenant may: the owner/manager of the car park is responsible for the maintenance of both the caravan park and all caravans in the park that belong to him. The caravan owner is responsible for the maintenance of your caravan. If repairs are necessary, the steps you need to take depend on whether or not the repair is urgent. The park operator must consult the residents` committee and take into account its views when amending the parking rules and verifying the safety evacuation plan. .

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