Service Level Agreement Adalah Suatu

According to Hubspot, a service level agreement (SLA) is a contract that defines a number of obligations agreed upon by one party to transfer to another party. There are three important phases in the implementation of SLA, the first is the creation of a SMART SLA, including documentation, the second is the socialization of SLA and the third is the follow-up of SLA implementation. A service level agreement is not a guarantee that it will be respected and read by the customer. Sometimes someone places the SLA in a pretty hard-to-reach place, so customers don`t read the existing service level agreement. To illustrate that the subscription fee per month is 1,000,000,- and that there is a service defect for 5 hours, the amount of compensation is: (Rp. 1,000,000, – / 30 days / 24 hours) * 5 hours = Rp. 6,944.44. I hope it can be useful with this rather long part, especially for colleagues who do not understand the SLA, and can continue by application, especially if we have problems related to the services provided by the provider, do not forget to ask for the ticket number, because the ticket number as the basis of the SLA calculation, if I calculate it often, that the argo SLA calculation has started to work since we are after no. A service level agreement is one of the two basic agreements that service providers have with their customers. Many service providers create important service contracts in order to define the general terms and conditions of sale on which they work with their customers. Any payment made must be, telephone, email and customer service through the Website. If it turns out, within 24 hours of the confirmation of the payment, that the customer has not received any payment receipt email or any other email from Rumahweb Indonesia, this means that the payment made by the customer cannot be verified and the status of the payment confirmation is declared canceled.

We advise you to contact Rumahweb Indonesia immediately if this happens to clarify the payment made. How to calculate SLA, depending on the service provided, for example, I know some IT providers, especially Internet service providers / access providers, offer SLA between 96% and 99%, which means that the provider guarantees within 1 month that the services provided are: although the details of the service level agreement (SLA) are actually very different and depending on the services, That they can cover, a full SLA usually contains the following: What is the SLA calculation system? From experience, units of minutes are usually used later, and in 30 days there are 43200 minutes….