Wctc Transfer Agreements

If you`re transferring to a four-year UW campus and know your planned major, read the articulation agreements. Articulation agreements guarantee the transfer of loans from the completion of a Wisconsin Technical College degree or certificate program to a specific UW major. You can explore the transfer of loans between the Wisconsin Technical College System and the UW system at Transfer Wisconsin. Contact the host college or university directly to verify accuracy. MADISON, Wis. (Thursday, July 9, 2020) – Waukesha County Technical College students who wish to transfer credits to one of the state`s private nonprofit colleges and universities will have a much easier time in the future thanks to a historic and comprehensive loan transfer agreement. This information is a general overview; We strongly recommend that you check the availability and details of your specific program by contacting the transfer coordinator of the college or university where you wish to transfer. It`s important to start the transfer process as early as possible, and understanding the basics can help make the process much smoother. Start here: Contact the Mount Mary Admissions Office for specific information on course transfer for the following programs. Are you transferring to a four-year UW campus, knowing your planned major, but are you planning a transfer without completing an associate degree? There may be a transfer guide for you. Visit our Transfer Checklist page for more information about transferring to manage your transfer process. New transfer contracts are drawn up regularly. Check out the latest news on referrals.

Colleges often have specific admission requirements and guidelines for transfer students. Sign up for a school`s mailing list and contact the Transfer Admission Advisor to keep up to date with requirements and deadlines. You may need to take a placement test before you can enroll in your new school. It depends on where you apply and how many credits you transfer. If you need to take prosthrance tests, plan to take them as soon as possible to make sure you can register on time and for the appropriate courses.